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Cowgirl Premium Silicone Sex Machine

Cowgirl Premium Silicone Sex Machine

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Embark on an erotic adventure with The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine, a sophisticated sextech solution that brings the beloved and notoriously hard-to-duplicate world-famous position to life with luxurious style.

The Cowgirl was created to empower riders to own their pleasure. By partnering with powerful individuals like actress and sex educator Jessica Drake, featured in The Cowgirl’s introductory videos, and photographer Deborah Anderson, who shot the launch campaign, the brand continues to engage inspiring industry leaders.

Whether enjoying its power, modern design, or interactive capabilities, The Cowgirl is a forward- thinking innovation and a notable symbol of sexual empowerment.


Weight: 30.42lbs

Packaged Weight: 39.68lbs

Length: 16.93"

Packaged Length: 21.65"

Width: 13.39"

Packaged Width: 18.11"

Height: 11.81"

Packaged Height: 16.93"

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