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Coochy Shave Cream Floral Haze

Coochy Shave Cream Floral Haze

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Coochy Shave Cream Floral Haze is the perfect choice for a smooth shave. Infused with a delicate scent, its unique blend of ingredients helps prevent razor burn and leaves skin feeling silky soft. It can also be used as a hair conditioner to leave locks conditioned, healthy, and smelling divine.

Let go and discover the hidden beauty of floral haze. Infused with a seductive blend of rose, jasmine & delicate fruit blossoms, you’ll want to ride the wild delights of this enticing fragrance.

Packaged Weight: 0.26lbs

Length: 1.80"

Packaged Length: 5.50"

Width: 1.80"

Packaged Width: 2.50"

Height: 4.60"

Packaged Height: 1.50"

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