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Coochy Fab Fresh Feminine Wash 7.2 fl. Oz.

Coochy Fab Fresh Feminine Wash 7.2 fl. Oz.

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HELPS PROMOTE VAGINAL PH BALANCE: Promotes body's natural vaginal pH balance and maintains vaginal hygiene thus preventing unpleasant and unnatural odors. You can use this everyday, anytime of the day.  **This is to be used on the surface of the vagina- not for internal use, please do not put any soap inside of the vaginal canal

GENTLE ENOUGH FOR MOST SKIN TYPES: Coochy is safe to use in your intimate areas. Effectively eliminates bad odor and provides a refreshing effect. It has a mild and gentle formula. Safe for everyday use.

Packaged Weight: 0.55lbs

Length: 1.00"

Packaged Length: 1.00"

Width: 3.00"

Packaged Width: 3.00"

Height: 8.00"

Packaged Height: 8.00"

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