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Bedroom Bliss Love Cushion Set - Red

Bedroom Bliss Love Cushion Set - Red

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Hitting that sweet spot has never been easier with high-density, velvety cushions that you can position for your pleasure! Use both cushions together or separately for the maximum variety of positions & comfort! What seems like two simple cushions create countless possibilities only limited by your creativity. Use these to elevate the hips, cushion knees and elbows, lean back on and enhance sex in new ways! What seemed difficult or uncomfortable before can now be easy and orgasmic. After playing, simply strip off the velvety outer cover and the water-resistant inner cover and machine wash them!


  • Small cushion: 13.75" L x 19" W x 6.5" H
  • Large cushion: 29.5" L x 19" W x 10" H"

Materials: Velvet, PU Foam, Nylon, Resin (Zipper)

Color: Red

Weight: 6.20lbs

Packaged Weight: 7.49lbs

Length: 10.00"

Packaged Length: 10.24"

Width: 19.00"

Packaged Width: 21.26"

Height: 29.50"

Packaged Height: 9.65"

Packaged Height: 24.80"

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